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If you have freckels

What I like about Photoshop is that you can modify everything…. If you have a thing that you like about yourself you can modify it with Photoshop 🙂 . And if you have feckels on your face, here is a tutorial how to make your face without freckels 😀 It is good right, don’t you think?



At last I can start writing about photos…and its paradise. Therefore, I will start by saying that i made some categories folders : Photos Editing, Photoshop and Tutorials and for now I will post my messages in these folders. I will make some other ones in the future. I want to add that I start my passion for photos editing 2 years ago when I made a web site in Macromedia Flash and I edited my photos in Photoshop :). For now I will post a link to a website from where I learnt some of Photoshop stuff: Enjoy! 🙂

The one and only

At last one true blog of graphics, of stylish photos and of new appearances in the photos world. This blog is for people who love editing photos and are curious how they are done. I love graphics and I hope that all of you who will visit my blog feel the same way. I will talk here about Photoshop, about manipulating photos, about tutorials and about everything relating the wonderful world of the digital world. It will be a photos paradise of which you will become dependent :).   Have a nice time here and feel free to leave your opinion.