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no way…

wow.. and because i started the series : ” from……” i will show you another thing from photoshop: if you are ugly, you have also an alternative :)) right? check this out:


instant photoshop diet

i want to ask you something, what do you think about fat or skinny people?  Let me tell you a secret: in Photoshop world it doesn’t matter !!!!! In photoshop you have an instant diet 😀 isn’t life beautiful???? 😛 i will show you a video made in photoshop: if you are fat,then you can become skinny and viceversa. therefore, enjoy:

yupiii :)

i  am happy that i found something that i really liked and it made my day. do you ever wake up in the morning with the feeling of ” needing something”? and after, during the day something or someone makes your day? this happened to me today 🙂 look at this :

it trully is paradise with photoshop…i wish you a fairy day 🙂


what do you think about retouching? i saw a magazine today and i was wondering how beautiful the girl from the cover is in real life because having photoshop is a dream come true 🙂 but on the other hand the beauty is interpreted in a bad way for the young girls: they think that perfection exists and sometimes it can be a real dissapointing thing when they grow up and realize that they aren’t perfect. I found a really quick video to show you how to make girls more beautiful than they really are 🙂 What do you think?



If you like cartoons and the photos from the cartoons magazines here you have a video on how it is made. So, for your curiosity, watch the video 🙂