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i want to ask you something…what do you want to be when you grow up? do you remember this question? i do, and i remember also that i am still asking the same question from time to time, even though i am a grown up and i should know by now :)) right? but maybe i don’t wanna know, maybe i want to live in the mysterious world of not knowing, of changes, that is why i like photoshop, because you have the opportunity to change something 🙂 and sometimes you don’t know how the photo will look at the end: it might look as you would have imagined, or not 😀 therefore…tell me someone who doesn’t like surprises 😛 … now, i have a new surprise for you: here you are 😛 LOOK into my eyeeeee 😀


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  1. Your eye is an expressive one!!!And I do like it!You really know what’s going on with this photoshop. Just fascinating!

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