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drawing eyes in photoshop

do you want to learn how to draw eyes from scratch in photoshop? if yes, then follow this tutorial and enjoy 🙂 i did it and it really works 🙂

after you finish this tutorial don’t forget to say : Look into my eye! 😀



it’s a soul storm as the song says….look at the image and imagine the days when you feel like the whole world is falling apart….

my love

photoshop, my love again… i found today a website from where you can learn very quick how to draw in photoshop, how to add text effects etc. in the left part of the website, there are a some buttons with the categories. so, i invite you to visit and enjoy the following link:

also, some nice photos: 🙂



do you like cartoons? i do and i am sometimes childish 🙂 and i like to watch cartoons and remember the times when i was a child 😛 i remember the flinstons :

those photos are also made on computer and sometimes retouched in photoshop, don’t you like images? 😛


i read these days about some viruses that appeared and about a lot of softwares who help you protect your data and the PC. sincerely, i had problems in the past with viruses, i had my computer hacked and also my phone (the blue tooth was activated and i got a nasty virus). as i said before, if you want to learn about viruses and malware, you can go to and read all that information, it is very helpful, at least for me it was and is very useful. about antivirus products, what can i say, they are a lot on the market, i tried a lot ( avg, kaspersky, nod32 etc.) and now i’m using bitdefender internet security due to its extra modules: game mode, laptop mode, file vault, online bbackup etc. it has a lot of modules and it is very complex, that’s why i like it. and of course because i read a lot of good reviews about it. at first i had a virus on my computer and a friend told me to scan online from bitdefender, there is an option “Quick Scan” on their website and it scans your computer in less than 1 minute. after scanning, it shows a message if your computer is infected, if it is, you can download and try for 1 month the free trial. i tried it,  i liked it and i bought it. and i’m satisfied. anyway, the most important thing for me is protecting my data and also the fact that i can play without pop-ups interrupting my game 🙂 so, i wish everyone to find the antivirus that fulfills their needs 🙂 nevertheless, if you want to try what i have, just click the following link : and you can download the free trial or quick scan your pc.