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do you like cartoons? i do and i am sometimes childish 🙂 and i like to watch cartoons and remember the times when i was a child 😛 i remember the flinstons :

those photos are also made on computer and sometimes retouched in photoshop, don’t you like images? 😛


more rainbows

i love rainbows, i don’t know what you think about them but i wait the rain just to see the rainbows after. what i like about them is the fact that they are full of colours and not only they clear ur thoughts, but they also are a miracle of nature…..and this makes me say again that nature is a miracle itself 🙂 just look at colours :

and also:


and another link from the category “how to….create a rainbow in your photo”: good luck 🙂

yupiii :)

i  am happy that i found something that i really liked and it made my day. do you ever wake up in the morning with the feeling of ” needing something”? and after, during the day something or someone makes your day? this happened to me today 🙂 look at this :

it trully is paradise with photoshop…i wish you a fairy day 🙂

The one and only

At last one true blog of graphics, of stylish photos and of new appearances in the photos world. This blog is for people who love editing photos and are curious how they are done. I love graphics and I hope that all of you who will visit my blog feel the same way. I will talk here about Photoshop, about manipulating photos, about tutorials and about everything relating the wonderful world of the digital world. It will be a photos paradise of which you will become dependent :).   Have a nice time here and feel free to leave your opinion.