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my love

photoshop, my love again… i found today a website from where you can learn very quick how to draw in photoshop, how to add text effects etc. in the left part of the website, there are a some buttons with the categories. so, i invite you to visit and enjoy the following link:

also, some nice photos: 🙂



yupiii :)

i  am happy that i found something that i really liked and it made my day. do you ever wake up in the morning with the feeling of ” needing something”? and after, during the day something or someone makes your day? this happened to me today 🙂 look at this :

it trully is paradise with photoshop…i wish you a fairy day 🙂


If you like cartoons and the photos from the cartoons magazines here you have a video on how it is made. So, for your curiosity, watch the video 🙂


At last I can start writing about photos…and its paradise. Therefore, I will start by saying that i made some categories folders : Photos Editing, Photoshop and Tutorials and for now I will post my messages in these folders. I will make some other ones in the future. I want to add that I start my passion for photos editing 2 years ago when I made a web site in Macromedia Flash and I edited my photos in Photoshop :). For now I will post a link to a website from where I learnt some of Photoshop stuff: Enjoy! 🙂