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my love

photoshop, my love again… i found today a website from where you can learn very quick how to draw in photoshop, how to add text effects etc. in the left part of the website, there are aΒ some buttons with theΒ categories. so, i invite you to visit and enjoy the following link:

also, some nice photos: πŸ™‚



download photoshop

for those who like to work in photoshop or want to learn, you can access the following link in order to download photoshop as a free trial :Β try it, test it, and if you like it, become a real guru πŸ˜€

more rainbows

i love rainbows, i don’t know what you think about them but i wait the rain just to see the rainbows after. what i like about them is the fact that they are full of colours and not only they clear ur thoughts, but they also are a miracle of nature…..and this makes me say again that nature is a miracle itself πŸ™‚ just look at colours :

and also:


and another link from the category “how to….create a rainbow in your photo”: good luck πŸ™‚

new new

do you like new things? like trying new new things? i do and i am sure that everyone likes this, today i want you to try in photoshop to make from scatch, from blank page something new that doesn’t exist, and you can do this by trying and playing with the brushes etc. therefore, i invite you to check the following link as to have a starting point and after that, let your imagination fly πŸ˜€ 5…4…3…2…1….START πŸ™‚ click!

this tutorial has 5 pages, you have to click to Next page at the right bottom of the page πŸ˜› enjoy

beautiful world

let’s imagine the following : you wake up in the morning, the birds are singing the sun is shinning…tralalala…blablabla… πŸ˜› until you start your computer and you enter the digital world πŸ˜€ and you enter the world of games, of age of empires, of need for speed of interesting and dynamic stuff πŸ˜€ the birds aren’t singing..the winamp is “singing”, the sun isn’t shinning, but you shine in a way or another due to the things that you do πŸ˜› i found today a tutorial very nice and i tried everything that was written in it and i really am happy of what i did, i will give the tutorial also to you in order to “shine” in photoshop:

Let’s learn to shine πŸ˜€

about life

i want to ask you something…what do you want to be when you grow up? do you remember this question? i do, and i remember also that i am still asking the same question from time to time, even though i am aΒ grown up and i should know by now :)) right? but maybe i don’t wanna know, maybe i want to live in the mysterious world of not knowing, of changes, that is why i like photoshop, because you have the opportunity to change something πŸ™‚ and sometimes you don’t know how the photo will look at the end: it might look as you would have imagined, or not πŸ˜€ therefore…tell me someone who doesn’t like surprises πŸ˜› … now, i have a new surprise for you: here you are πŸ˜› LOOK into my eyeeeee πŸ˜€

no way…

wow.. and because i started the series : ” from……” i will show you another thing from photoshop: if you are ugly, you have also an alternative :)) right? check this out:

yupiii :)

iΒ  am happy that i found something that i really liked and it made my day. do you ever wake up in the morning with the feeling of ” needing something”? and after, during the day something or someone makes your day? this happened to me today πŸ™‚ look at this :

it trully is paradise with photoshop…i wish you a fairy day πŸ™‚


what do you think about retouching? i saw a magazine today and i was wondering how beautiful the girl from the cover is in real life because having photoshop is a dream come true πŸ™‚ but on the other hand the beauty is interpreted in a bad way for the young girls: they think that perfection exists and sometimes itΒ can be a real dissapointing thing when they grow up and realize that they aren’t perfect. I found a really quick video to show you how to make girls more beautiful than they really are πŸ™‚ What do you think?



If you like cartoons and the photos from the cartoons magazines here you have a video on how it is made. So, for your curiosity, watch the video πŸ™‚

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